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Absa Perold Cape Blend Competition 2015 results

Results of the Absa Perold Cape Blend Competition 2015 were announced today. There were 42 entries in total and the top five wines are as follows: Anura LB Cape Blend Cuvée 2014 Idiom Cape Blend 2014 KWV Abraham Perold Tributum 2013 Welbedacht Hat Trick 2007 Wellington La Cave Cape Blend 2013 I tasted the 11 [...]

September 10, 2015
by Christian
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Amistad Sauvignon Blanc 2012

Multiple cultural references to the name Amistad. On one level, the Spanish for “friendship” and The Amistad Wine Company was begun by winemakers Ossie Sauermann (previously of La Vigne) and Jacques Wentzel  (ex Welbedacht). It’s also the name of a ship which in 1839 saw an uprising by African slaves while traveling between Cuba and [...]

March 7, 2013
by Christian
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Welbedacht Barrel Fermented Chenin Blanc 2005

Yesterday, I judged the third annual Wellington Wine Route Quest for the Best, an exercise put on by the ward itself to access winemaking strengths and weaknesses. 78 wines were entered and screening was done by local winemakers, 46 wines were put forward to an outside 5-person panel chaired by Christine Rudman CWM. The competition [...]

August 4, 2012
by Christian
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Veritas Awards 2010 tasting: some reflections

To qualify for museum class at Veritas 2010, white wines are required to be five years from vintage and older, reds 10  years and older. Significantly, whites produced one double gold and three gold medals, and reds no double golds or golds. Producers were obliged to show only one bottle of wines at last night’s [...]

October 20, 2010
by Christian
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