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Reyneke Reserve Red 2012

Another current-release Syrah which comes with meaningful endorsement behind it is the Reserve Red 2012 from Reyneke Wines in Stellenbosch, founder of Tim James nominating this as his red wine of 2014. Whereas it used to be a Cab/Shiraz blend, the 2012 consists of 100% Syrah assembled from “the most interesting and expressive barrels” [...]

January 22, 2015
by Christian Eedes
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Tim James: Grape variety of the year

I was wondering if I could find the energy, in the midst of late-year-in-Cape-Town torpor, to rustle up a list of my top local wines of the year… An alternative occurred to me: grape variety/style of the year. The answer to that is easy: shiraz/syrah. It’s not a revolution in wine-critical thought, of course, to [...]

December 23, 2014
by Tim James
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Reyneke Reserve White 2013

Geeks like to scoff at Sauvignon Blanc for being excessively simple but while Reyneke Reserve White is entirely from this variety, the fact that it is made according to biodymanic principles, the wine undergoing spontaneous fermentation in barrel means even the obsessive wine enthusiast has been known to drink it. The 2013 shows lime, white [...]

November 24, 2014
by Christian Eedes
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Nedbank Green Wine Awards 2014: results

Results of the sixth annual Nedbank Green Wine Awards were announced earlier today. There were 49 entries of wines from organically grown grapes and 104 entries of wines from BWI members. This year’s results (full coverage available with the November issue of Getaway): Best wines made from Organically Grown Grapes Best White, Best Wine Overall: [...]

October 16, 2014
by Christian Eedes
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Reyneke Biodynamic Syrah 2012 vs Reyneke Organic Red 2012

I was a huge fan of the maiden 2010 and 2011 vintages of the Biodynamic Syrah from Reyneke Wines in Stellenbosch but there’s something decidedly odd about the current release 2012 (approximate retail price R90 to R100 a bottle). Black fruit and spice as you’d hope for but also tilled earth, dank vegetal notes and [...]

June 12, 2014
by Christian
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Reyneke Chenin Blanc 2010

How to turn consumers green? If we are perfectly selfish, rational beings, why should we purchase wine produced according to environmentally sustainable guidelines when the benefits of green consumption are (at best) very small and typically go to future generations? Questions to ponder while last night drinking Reyneke Chenin Blanc 2010, the Best White and [...]

January 7, 2014
by Christian
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Nedbank Green Wine Awards 2012

BEST WINES FROM ORGANICALLY GROWN GRAPES Best Red, Best Wine Overall Reyneke Reserve Red 2009 Best White Reyneke Chenin Blanc 2011 BEST BIODIVERSITY & WINE INITIATIVE WINES Best Overall Paul Cluver Riesling Noble Late Harvest 2011 Best White Gabriëlskloof Magdalena 201 Best Red Bouchard Finlayson Galpin Peak Pinot Noir 2011 BEST CONSERVATION AND ENVIRONMENTAL GOOD [...]

November 15, 2012
by Christian
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Reyneke Syrah 2010

Yesterday a visit to Reyneke Wines, winner of the best wine overall from organically grown grapes in the Nedbank Green Wine Awards in 2010 and 2011. This property remains the only one in South Africa to be certified biodynamic and though this approach still attracts scepticism from some quarters, it’s difficult to argue with the [...]

March 28, 2012
by Christian
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