David Cope: Is R4 000 for a bottle of G 2012 too cheap?

One of the worst things about Cape Town is you will almost always know someone wherever you go. This lack of anonymity has people constantly posturing, keenly aware that somebody they know is watching them and will report back to their peers at the next dinner party or book club. Even those not posing are […]

March 31, 2015
by David Cope
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David Cope: How long until SA’s first Poulsard?

South African wines’ favourite viticulturist, Rosa Kruger, recently launched a site that lists all known vines in South Africa older than 35 years of age: iamold.co.za. There’s no secret that Rosa has great affection for older vineyards, working with several producers to procure and manage old vines that seem to more often end up as […]

March 12, 2015
by David Cope
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David Cope: How to name a wine

You’re a winemaker. Now let’s say you’ve made something good. In fact, it’s a cracker. You’ve found some undiscovered vineyard and coaxed it into glory. You’ve harvested the fruit and watched as it developed into something special in the winery. Now all you’ve got to do is come up with a suitable name. Oh, and […]

February 26, 2015
by David Cope
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David Cope: Interview with Craig Hawkins

Craig Hawkins has made a name for himself as the biggest advocate of natural wine in South Africa. Together with significant other Carla Kretzel, he’s recently left Swartland winery Lammershoek to pursue his Testalonga brand of wines full time. Here’s a quick catch-up with the man behind some of the most interesting wines made in […]

February 13, 2015
by David Cope
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David Cope: On wine and music

One of the hardest things about running a wine bar is finding good music to play. A good bar needs music as much as it needs wine, unless you’re going for the silent church of wine appreciation vibe, which doesn’t sound very fun. You need to fill a shift of seven to nine hours daily […]

January 28, 2015
by Christian Eedes
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Wine trends for 2015

It’s the end of the year which brings with it awkward office parties, dysfunctional family holidays and endless predictions of what the next year will hold across all fields of endeavour. Since nobody really has any idea what the future holds, looking back on these in twelve months down the line often leads to a […]

December 22, 2014
by David Cope
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Dirty Julie Verdelho 2012

Verdelho made with minimal intervention can hardly be described as “everyday drinking” but if you’ve graduated beyond generic “dry white” and want something with a point of interest, check out Dirty Julie Verdelho 2012. Made by David Cope and Simon Wibberley, the guys who bought you the red blend known as Alphabetical, this is from […]

January 30, 2013
by Christian
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Alphabetical 2008

Finally got my hands on a bottle of red blend Alphabetical 2008 as made by David Cope (aka The Foodie) and Simon Wibberly of Cape Town restaurant and bar &Union but I’m not sure there’s terribly much I can add. You see, if there’s anybody who understands how to use social media to good marketing […]

June 24, 2011
by Christian
with 3 Comments
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