What I Drank Last Night
Good Booze. Good Food. Good Company.

Advertising Rates

Whatidranklastnight.co.za was launched in May 2010 and now has around 3 800 unique users and 19 150 page impressions per month.

The website combines a combination of serious-minded wine reviews with wine industry opinion and analysis and occasionally some quirky and irreverent humour to lighten the mood.

The target audience is those with a keen interest in fine wine and it can be assumed that these will be high income earners on the basis that fine wine and the associated lifestyle does not come cheap.

Whatidranklastnight.co.za therefore provides a unique means for marketers of ultra-premium products and services to communicate with the appropriate target market.

Leaderboard, Top of Page: R5 000 per month
(580 x 100, RGB, 72dpi)

Right-hand-side Box: R2 500 per month
(250 x 120, RGB, 72dpi)

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